Monday – March 23rd – 2020
Due to growing uncertainty amid the current pandemic, and with respect to sponsors, partners, stakeholders;  The Board of Directors of the Lethbridge International Air Show Association have voted to cancel planning of the 2020 air show.
ALBERTA AIR FEST was slated for Heritage Day Long Weekend after a 2 year hiatus to restructure and plan a larger, all new event for the Air Show Association’s return to the Lethbridge Airport.
“…we come together as a community.  People volunteer, businesses sponsor, entertainers and performers continue to invest in, and perfect their acts.  But 2020 has changed our way of life, our interaction with each other, and created uncertainty. Stress, job loss, income loss, and even our ability to travel, interact and plan our future have all been affected.”  Said the Association’s President, Gail Pontarolo.
Official public announcements of the revamped event were scheduled for the beginning of April, and included lowered general admission pricing at $12.00 per person, a significantly larger audience capacity, new food court area, larger trade show, closer parking, private family areas, new VIP chalets, car shows, larger military displays, and a community/family carnival area.
This year’s flight roster was set to include: the Canadian Forces Snowbirds,  Yellow Thunder,  a De Havilland “Vampire” (jet), and a growing list of veteran and new air show performers from across North America.
“It wasn’t an easy decision for our Board to come to.  But as a community organization we rely heavily on sponsorship dollars and partnerships from many local, regional businesses and other community groups.  We owe it to those who’ve supported us – to take a step back and give them time and space to adjust to new norms and new priorities…”   Added; Stacy Green, Air Show Association’s Executive Director.
Plans for future air shows will be ongoing.
For more than 50 years – Lethbridge has been home to what has become one of Canada’s longest running and Alberta’s largest Air Show. Since 1990 – this task has been managed by the Lethbridge International Air Show Association.

The “Lethbridge Air Show” has become a well anticipated, traditional destination for many motorsport and air show enthusiasts from across North America and abroad. Through the years Lethbridge’s Air Show has enjoyed audiences numbering anywhere from five to twenty and even thirty thousand spectators over a typical two performance weekend. With the support of many local volunteers and nonprofits, our region has hosted hundreds of performers and aircraft from all corners of the world including; The USA, Britain, Germany, Japan, Russia and others.

Because of our community roots, LIASA continues to produce the air show with a heavy focus on cooperation and partnership building with volunteer and community groups from across Southern Alberta. In exchange for providing resources and volunteers, our partner nonprofits receive air show proceeds and in-kind support throughout the year.

The support of Lethbridge County, The City of Lethbridge, and both Provincial & Federal Governments have been key to the ongoing success of Alberta’s premiere air show. For that – we wish to extend our recognition and deepest thanks. Not just to elected officials – but Administration, Public Servants, and taxpayers alike.  ..and yes.  To those who have enjoyed attending our shows.  Without all of you – we would be nothing.

L.I.A.S.A. is proud of what our community has accomplished over the years.  We are also proud to be planning our next show as we enter our 30th year as an organization.

We hope you’ll join us in presenting the all new: “Alberta Air Fest” A celebration of Alberta’s Aviation & Aerospace Heritage.

…details & updates are forthcoming.